NEX Exchange

Alfred Henry Corporate Finance is a UK-based Corporate Advisor for companies already listed, or considering listing on the NEX Exchange.

From the early days of Ofex, then PLUS Markets and ISDX, to the re-branded and flourishing NEX Exchange Growth Markets, Alfred Henry Corporate Finance have advised companies on the admission process and the listing requirements, described the advantages and disadvantages of an IPO and, if appropriate, suggested other routes for growth. We will co-ordinate the admission, provide advice on timing and strategy and ensure all the advisors working on the transaction are doing so in a cost-effective and timely fashion.

We have significant experience in seeking admission for and acting as on-going corporate adviser for a wide range of businesses. Our clients have taken various routes to listing including introduction, placing or by way of a reverse takeover and have sought admission either as trading companies or investment vehicles. We have listed both bonds and equities on NEX Exchange.