The Cyprus Stock Exchange was established as a legal entity in the form of a public corporate body under the Cyprus Securities and Stock Exchange Laws and Regulations which were passed by the House of Representatives in 1993 and 1995, respectively. The first trading session on the Cyprus Stock Exchange was held on March 29, 1996.

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The Stock Exchange currently operates a Regulated Market and a Market in the form of Multilateral Trading Facility ( the Emerging Companies Market), which operate under the Cyprus Securities and Stock Exchange Law and the Investment Services and Activities and Regulated Markets Law (MIFID). Main participants of the Stock Exchange are the Members of the Stock Exchange (brokerage offices), listed issuers and investors.

Additionally, in accordance with the Securities and Cyprus Stock Exchange (Central Securities Depository and Central Registry) Law, the Stock Exchange has the responsibility for the establishment and management of a Central Depository and Central Registry (CSD). Securities listed on the Cyprus Stock Exchange are registered in the CSD and also unlisted securities, whose issuer wishes the maintaining of the registry by the Cyprus Stock.

We have advised companies on the admission process and the listing requirements, describe the advantages and disadvantages of an IPO and if appropriate suggest other routes to growth. For the right companies we will co-ordinate the admission, provide advice on timing and strategy and ensure all the advisors working on the transaction are doing so in a cost-effective and timely fashion.

Once admitted to ISDX or Cyprus Stock Exchange (CSE) we will continue to provide support and advice. We stay in regular contact with our clients to help us maintain an understanding of the business allowing us to provide a quality service and appropriate guidance with respect to the regulatory environment.